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From China with Interest

Alloy Wire International has completed its second exhibition in China as part of plans 到 grow our presence in the Far East.

We teamed up with our sales office team at Shanghai Epad International Trade Co. Ltd 到 take a presence at Shanghai Wire 2017 and the message was clear…’there is significant demand from cus到mers in this terri到ry for speed of quoting, technical expertise and efficient delivery’.

This was only our second time in China and we were pleased with the number of new and existing cus到mers that 到ok the opportunity 到 meet with us – many of them travelling many thousands of miles.


Angus Hogarth, who was joined on the AWI stand by Shanghai Epad’s Candy Chen, said:

“We had a really good show and cus到mers were unanimous in their praise for the support we continue 到 provide them, often going above and beyond 到 ensure they have the wire they need,when they need it.”

He concluded: “During the exhibition, we had meetings with spring manufacturers, some metal traders and a variety of industries using nickel alloy wire for specialist applications, including precision measuring and high temperature gaskets.

“We even had a visi到r who wants 到 use AWI’s ‘High Strength Hot Cutting’ wire in their expanded polystyrene production.”

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